ViLynx patented technology

ViLynx patented technology is reinventing the whole video industry by changing the way people discover what is inside a video. With just one line of code, you can replace your static video thumbnail by the best 5 seconds of your video.

In the last months alone, Vilynx has delivered more than 100M video previews. We get 4X improvement in video click through rates on websites that leverage our technology and 6X more engagement.

Vilynx is also leading the innovation for a new ad strategy for publishers so they can finally make revenue out of mobile.

ViLynx based in Palo Alto (San Francisco), New York and Barcelona is looking for outstanding brilliant people that look forward to contribute on the transformation of a complete industry. (

* Front End developers (html, CSS, js…)
* Backend developers (python, php, postgresql, AWS….)
* Machine Learning ninjas

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